Relational to NoSQL: Getting Started from SQL Server


Today’s consumers constantly demand faster and smoother digital experiences. In response, more and more companies are moving from SQL Server and other relational databases to NoSQL to power their critical web, mobile, and IoT applications. Many are choosing Couchbase Server for easier scalability, better performance, and greater agility at up to 40x lower cost.

This white paper describes the advantages of NoSQL, clarifies the important difference between SQL and NoSQL databases, and walks you through:

• Identifying the right application for your first NoSQL project
• Approaches to generating primary keys
• Examples of modeling relational data as documents
• Options for performing reads and writes, queries, and aggregation
• Requirements for a successful proof of concept
• Tips for migrating from relational databases

You’ll get detailed examples of data and code for simple to complex data models, basic key-value operations (CRUD), advanced queries via N1QL (SQL for JSON), powerful aggregation with MapReduce, and more.

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Type: White Paper


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