SEO In China: How to Rank Higher on Chinese Search Engines with the Right Web Hosting

Alibaba Cloud

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important lead channel for businesses to drive traffic and grow their online presence. For companies doing business in China, a unique and localized SEO strategy is required, and web hosting is a major factor to improve search engine visibility.

With 21.1% share of the world’s Internet users, China has an unmissable online presence. The Internet is tightly integrated into people’s daily lives and Chinese search engine portals are a popular starting point to access information about traveling, studying, investing, shopping and working overseas. SEO is therefore an important consideration for foreign companies to consider in driving traffic and reaching Chinese consumers.

However, the way Chinese search engines crawl and index website pages differ from the SEO algorithms you may be accustomed to in the West.

This article will walk you through important steps to improve your SEO visibility and help you understand the role that web hosting plays in developing a successful SEO strategy for China.

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