Six Cloud Data Challenges Solved for App Developers


Cloud Data Challenges tackles common data issues you’re likely facing as an app developer. Whether it’s security, globalization, big data, AI, or something else, you’re under pressure from management and your customers to deliver breakthrough experiences, and this e-book provides actionable answers for the hurdles in your path.

This paper examines six of the most common data scenarios that you’re likely to face and maps them to the services you might want to consider as a starting point:

•Keeping everything up and running—how the cloud helps deliver on the essentials, such asscalability and availability, so that you can focus on what you do best: building apps.
•Creating a multitenant software-as-a-service (SaaS) app that can effectively deliver the sameservices to hundreds or thousands of customers—while ensuring that they can’t see one another’sdata.
•Achieving global reach with your app—such as delivering fast, real-time recommendations tousers across multiple countries and regions—without the hassles of complex configurations thatspan multiple datacenters.
•Turning mountains of data into actionable insights through a combination of big data andadvanced analytics.
•Employing AI within your apps to reach out to users more naturally and contextually, whereverthey are.
•Ensuring security and compliance, regardless of what you’re building in the cloud.

Type: White Paper


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