The top four considerations when selecting a modern VM protection, recovery and availability solution

The Top Four Considerations When Selecting a Modern VM Protection, Recovery, and Availability Solution


IT environments continue to evolve beyond physical servers. Today, many important production resources operate on virtual machines (VMs) running on multiple hypervisors, and more organizations have been moving their mission-critical business processes offsite to the cloud. As a result, the requirements for protecting organizational data, recovering it, and ensuring its availability also have changed.

ESG finds that:

  • Although not all servers are bound by a single service level agreement, SLAs should drive the search for the right data protection solution. An organization should adapt to the diverse uptime requirements of its workloads by incorporating a range of activities—including backups, snapshots, replication, and availability technologies—into its data protection strategy.
  • Organizations need to be aware that whenever they modernize a modern, heterogeneous IT production environment, they must make corresponding enhancements to the protection environment as well. When commensurate protection modernization efforts do not occur, VM recovery failures will likely result.
  • Organizations searching for a better protection, recovery, and availability solution should regard flexibility and agility as key differentiators. It is important for these organizations to take note of the agility with which a prospective solution accomplishes recoveries (i.e., if it is capable of application-consistent recovery, granular recovery, etc.) and the recovery platforms that the solution can leverage (i.e., recovery to another cloud or to a different hypervisor).
  • The importance of good automation is growing dramatically. The greatest differentiator between “a backup tool” and “a virtualization-savvy data protection and availability solution” might be its ability to orchestrate and automate the recovery of a complex IT environment.
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