WaveLogic Ai: Laying the Foundation for the Adaptive Network


WaveLogic Ai, the next generation of our industry-leading WaveLogic coherent technology, gives you control over your network like you’ve never had before. It allows you to monitor links in real-time so you can determine the optimal capacity for each channel—across any path, for any network fill. Even better, it allows you to tune to match that capacity with a single technology that can address any application, from metro Data Center Interconnect (DCI) to trans-Pacific submarine.

WaveLogic Ai Benefits:

– Provides real-time optical networking performance data as well as the tunability required to build on-demand, programmable networks

– Changes transport economics radically by driving double the capacity per channel, three times the distance at the equivalent capacity, and four times the service density

– Maximizes channel capacity for all applications with tunability from 100G to 400G in 50G increments

– Delivers new levels of visibility and the ability to accurately engineer the network for optimal capacity and maximum efficiency

Download the whitepaper to learn more!

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