Zero Touch Email Certificate Deployment


Email is a must. But email is a vulnerability.

Businesses across all industries depend on email as an indispensable communication medium. However, mail messages and attachments can be spied upon, altered, or faked, opening the door to a variety of attacks that can result in the loss of industries secrets, confidential customer information, or money from the company’s accounts. This exposure can furthermore put enterprises in jeopardy of noncompliance with mandatory regulatory requirements.

Attacks like Business Email Compromise (BEC) or other phishing schemes take
advantage of the inherently spoofable nature of email to trick employees into taking action that the phishers can take advantage of – to the detriment of the company suffering the social engineering attack. These scams may aim at gaining access, employees’ PII, or other secrets. They might offer links to malware sites to infect computers in the enterprise. They may even trick employees into wiring money to accounts that appear to belong to suppliers or other partners but are really controlled by criminals.

Download this white paper to find out more.

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